Frequently Asked Questions

What states is Oaktree approved to lend in?


Are you a retail or wholesale lender?

Oaktree lends on both direct referral retail and wholesale channels. Oaktree will never call your borrower to solicit new business from them.

Does Oaktree do ITIN loans?

Oaktree does not lend on ITIN loans.

What is the underwriting turn time?

Initial underwrites are generally 2-3 days. After that, times will vary based on the volume and type of loan. Please see your account manager for further information.

Does Oaktree table fund?

Oaktree can fund the same day as signing if approved by the funding department. Coordinate with your Account Manager when ordering docs to ensure a smooth closing.

Can I talk to the underwriter directly regarding my file?

Oaktree does not allow their clients or borrowers to speak with the underwriters directly on their files. Please speak with your account manager or account executive for further information.

What does Doc Check Failed mean?

More information is required to move the file back to underwriting. Please see the approval attached.

How do I search guidelines?

At click on the program guidelines and then click control and the “F” key to search the UW guidelines (CTRL + F)

How do I pay Oaktree?

Please call or send a check via mail to the following address: 3133 W Frye Road, Suite 205, Chandler AZ 85226

When is my payment due?

The 1 st of every month.

How do I set up an automatic payment with Oaktree?

At this time, Oaktree does not have an automatic payment system. When the loan is transferred to a new servicer then you may set up an automatic payment.

When will my loan be transferred to a new servicer?

One to two months after your loan has closed.

What do I do if I have not received my payment coupon yet?

Contact [email protected] to request a new payment coupon.

What is the standard time frame for your, approved AMC’s to get appraisals done?

Expect 7-10 business days. Depending on the complexity and location of your property, it could be more or less time.

When will disclosures be going out?

Once the initial conditions are cleared. Please refer to your conditions list sent to you by [email protected]

How do I log-in when I do not want to submit?

Oaktree’s website only has EZ submit as a log-in option.

How do I see if disclosures are signed by the borrower?

Please reach out to the set-up team to see if the disclosures have been signed.

Why can’t my processor see my files?

Oaktree has recently transferred to a new system. For a short period of time, only the uploading user can see the data on files.

When can I get a CD?

After income and assets have been signed off, your CD can be requested.

Why can’t I get an early CD out?

There could be several reasons why the request for an early CD was not permitted. Please see your account manager to ensure that all your conditions have been cleared.

Why is 2nd signature taking so long?

If you have been waiting on your file for over 72 hours, please call your Account Manager for a status update.

Where is the U.W. income calculation?

The income calculations are stored in the document list of the file. Please see your Account Manager for further details.