Test 1

You have a great team that works very diligently to get the file to closing.

Test 2

The entire team involved allowed me to get this loan from start to finish in approximately 23 days which I feel is a remarkable accomplishment for a Non QM loan! We met all the expectations for the borrowers while ensuring a happy and satisfied customer. I felt the entire Oaktree Funding team played a significant role to get this done on time. Although I faced some challenges from the builder, we were able to deliver loan documents to the title agency within 16 calendar days after I submitted the complete loan package to Oaktree Funding on Saturday, June 8th. Unbelievable! … Without their “Can Do” attitude and commitment, in getting this loan completed within the established time frame would not have been possible without them. You guys definitely made me look like a “superstar” with my borrowers. I truly appreciate all your team efforts.

Test 3

This was my first closing with your company and I believe it was your first closing in the State of North Carolina. This was a very unique situation because the seller would not agree to a contract extension. We were under enormous pressure due to this hard deadline. The entire team; Da’Shann, Jacob, Janice, Colin, Randy, Margarita and I’m sure many others that I’m unaware of, really stepped up to the plate and made this miracle closing happen on Saturday, the very last allowable day of the contract. I am new to your procedures and had no time for a learning curve. Your team, especially Jacob Giles, stepped in and helped me expedite certain aspects of the process which was most appreciated. In all of my 34 years in the mortgage industry, I have never worked with a lender who received an appraisal and closed 4 days later.

Test 4

I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to be able to work with a lender who not only says they can make it happen, they actually do make it You have earned my respect and my business. I look forward to working with you again soon.

Test 5

All of Oaktree’s team work long and hard to get this done, especially Derek Olich my AE was exceptionally helpful from start to finish. Derek alway’s picked up the phone, or called me back right away as well as answer all my e-mails in a very timely manner (even after hours). Derek took the stress out of this loan for me and was on point the whole way through. Derek is someone I will have no problem contacting for the next loan that I have and will sending to Oaktree. I will look at Oaktree for many products, but hands down Oaktree is who I will call… I know that underwriting doesn’t know the personal side of the borrower doing the loan, but in this case you could pass this on that this loan saved a mother and her child from having to move out of their home and live in an apartment. I need to give Kudos to Janice and Joe on this as well, they were fantastic all the way through as well. This loan made lending fun for me again.

Test 6

I have to first off begin by telling you that I have not done a bank statement loan in over 10 years. This particular file just happens to be a dear friend of mine so you can only imagine how nervous I was going into this transaction. Troy was very professional and answered all of my questions and helped get me set up on your portal. I was surprised by how easy the process was. Although Troy did most of the work for me the entire process was seamless. As soon as the file was submitted Brandin jumped right in and carried the file right to closing. I had a couple of changes that needed to made while the file was in closing and Randy took care of them immediately.

Test 7

I believe we started the file on October 12 and it closed and funded on November 5th. Truly amazing! All parties involved were just overwhelmed by how smoothly this process was especially the borrower. Everything just clicked into place. I wish all my conforming files could be this easy. Thanks for making me look like a hero!

Test 8

The entire team from start to finish was awesome! The escrow company also gave your company high praise as well which is huge coming from escrow. I can’t wait for our next deal together. Thank you!